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Bacteria Wakes Up After 120,000 Years

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State College, PA — Scientists from Penn State (Pennsylvania State University) have revived a bacteria that was believed to have been dormant for over 120,000 years. The sample was taken from 2 miles beneath a glacier in Greenland.
Jean Brenchley of Pennsylvania State University said, “We don’t know what state they were in. They could [...]

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Miss Daisy Feels Peachy

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Ambler, PA — Local robotics teams that made the achievement of qualifying for the world championships are in Atlanta, GA. The Wissahickon High School Team 341 “Miss Daisy” obtained many awards this season including first place at the Western Regionals in San Diego, CA.
Team 341 arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday. On Thursday [...]

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Lunacy — Robots In Space

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San Diego Sports Arena — The FIRST Robotics regional competition is being held at the San Diego Sports Arena. High school teams from across the country came to Southern California to compete in one of the challenges leading up to the national championships in Atlanta, GA.
It was unusual for the Ambler, PA Wissahickon team [...]

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NASA Spots Huge Gamma-ray Blast

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from NASA
Astronomers using NASA’s Swift satellite and Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope are seeing frequent blasts from a stellar remnant 30,000 light-years away. The high-energy fireworks arise from a rare type of neutron star known as a soft-gamma-ray repeater. Such objects unpredictably send out a series of X-ray and gamma-ray flares.
“At times, this remarkable object has [...]

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