What In The World Is Going On Here?

By Rev. LeRoy Montana

So, there’s this little planet. Eight people live there.

And there’s an apple tree that has seven apples.

Make sure everybody gets an equal share of the apples; socialism?

The apples belong to the planet and everybody gets some; communism?

Somebody doesnt get an apple - maybe they can trade a something equal in value, or, maybe they trade at a profit? Capitalism? War?

What’s the best system?

Is there enough food on planet Earth for everybody?

Maybe we should not be fruitful and multiply; we DO live on a planet of

limited resources. How do we enforce the strong urge not to “do it?”

Who enforces it?

Now is the smallest space to create something approaching equanimity.

Let’s imagine that we’re all really here right now.

Poverty is the worst, where someone gets left out.

Capitalism can lead to excess profit and greed.

NOW, let’s shape a fair, generous future.

We’re really all here. The earth provides for us all.

Air water food, all materials…

Let’s think how we can make it best for all of us.

Some may be satisfied to have little. Some may want much.

As long as our HOST PLANET isnt damaged, and no one is left out,

… let’s imagine something for us all.

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