R.I.P. Maxim Soria Of Valencia

Maxim Soria was killed in a motorcycle accident in Warwick. Maxim was the drummer for the Philadelphia alternative rock band Valencia.  The band was signed to Columbia Records and toured the world several times including with Blink 182.

“If the measure of a person is how many people he or she touched, then Max was truly a rich man,” said his brother.

“My son is a very gentle, very quiet boy, He never smoked or drank.” his mother said.


Valencia Videos


KingArthur.com: Valencia Live

Philadelphia based band, Valencia, plays the Pavilion in Charlotte, NC

by KingArthurCom


KingArthur.com Interviews Valencia

Guitarist, Brendan, gets on video with KingArthur.com in Charlotte, NC on tour with Blink 182.

by KingArthurCom


KingArthur.com: Valencia Put Your Hands In The Air

Valencia live in concert on tour with Blink 182.

by KingArthurCom

Valencia after the Blink 182 concert in Charlotte, NC.

by KingArthurCom

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