Look to the Sea

It’s getting closer. Faster. Sea level rise, globally averaged over the last 15 years is twice that averaged over the last 50.

1.6-1.8 mm/yr over the last 50 yr., to 3.5 mm/yr. over the last fifteen, as much as 1cm(10mm, 0.4 inch)/yr in parts of the western Pacific. Not much, one would think. Consider now, the average beach gradient is about 1in a 100. So 1cm/yr is 1 meter/yr (3 ft/yr) of shoreline intrusion.

This is just the beginning.

Other bits about accelerating carbon loading
of the atmosphere as well.

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  1. news says:

    There are a few countries that are taking sea level rise seriously. A post has just been made to WorldCitizen.net
    Netherlands And Thailand Under Water?

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